Vehicle Upfitting Products & Services for Oklahoma

At Muskogee Communications, we’ve been providing high-quality upfitting products and installation services for over 40 years. We are one of the only Certified Service Centers in the Oklahoma area, and have helped professionals in construction, law enforcement, and emergency service industries effectively upgrade their vehicles. Download our partner catalogs for a full selection of our communications and signaling products. We can take care of your order and installation.

Communications and Signaling Equipment For Vehicle Upfitting in Oklahoma

By customizing the communications and signaling equipment in your vehicle fleet, you can give your team the tools they need to succeed. With a variety of products and services available, we have the versatility and capacity to provide upfitting solutions for all commercial and public safety vehicles.

Some of our most common Oklahoma vehicle upfitting options include:

  • Police vehicle light bars
  • Sirens, speakers, and beacons
  • Exterior mounted warning lights
  • Interior compartment and dome lighting
  • Camera and security systems

We have built relationships with industry-leading suppliers like Federal Signal, Feniex, and Whelen to provide the highest quality of upfitting products. Our technicians undergo rigorous training to meet strict industry standards, so we can provide reliable installation services for your customized solution.

Turnkey Solutions for Your Fleet

In order to minimize downtime and upfit your fleet quickly, Muskogee Communications offers a one-stop solution for ordering and installing. Even if you have equipment purchased from another supplier, we can handle the installation separately, to ensure that you get your equipment installed by certified technicians.

For law enforcement and EMS professionals, staying focused on public safety is critical in emergency situations. Having your vehicles upfitted with the right communications equipment helps them stay connected, with benefits including:

  • Easy communication with dispatch
  • Keeping emergency crews updated with accurate and relevant information
  • Allowing collaboration between vehicles in events that require police, paramedics, and fire services.
  • Enabling the community to easily identify police cruisers and EMS trucks when help is needed

Upfitting Vehicles for Tough Environments

At Muskogee, we have equipment that’s designed to withstand wind and rain, exposure to salt, fog, blowing dust, vibrations, and extreme temperatures. For construction sites, first responders, and utility industries, ensuring that your equipment works in every environment is key to having your team stay productive and safe.

Our supplier partnerships enable us to provide upfitting solutions for any budget. Our team will work with you on a custom solution, from equipment purchase to installation. We help you make the most of your investment in equipment to get the tools your workforce needs.

The Muskogee Advantage

If you’re looking for the best Oklahoma vehicle upfitting products on the market, we can make sure you get everything you need to increase efficiency, communication, and safety within your vehicle fleet.

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