Oklahoma Tower Leasing & Management

Muskogee Communications is a Motorola Solutions Channel Partner offering simple and affordable tower leasing, management and maintenance services to Muskogee, Oklahoma. For over 40 years, Muskogee has helped meet the network demands of two-way radio users, business owners, commercial property owners, municipalities, state and local government, public safety, broadcast, wireless internet service providers (WISP), and cellular carriers.

All of our tower sites are built for multiple tenants, with locations in:

  • Big Cabin, Oklahoma
  • Keetonville, Oklahoma
  • Haskell, Oklahoma
  • Martin Luther King St., Muskogee, Oklahoma
  • York St., Muskogee, Oklahoma
  • West Muskogee, Oklahoma
  • East Muskogee, Oklahoma
  • Fort Gibson, Oklahoma
  • Salisaw, Oklahoma

For a complete list of Oklahoma communication products, visit our catalog here.

Lower Monthly Cost for Tower Leasing in Oklahoma

Since building your own tower solution is expensive, the infrastructure in place at Muskogee Communications allows for simple lease execution for our owners and tenants. Our efficient and affordable services save you valuable time and money during the lease process, providing you with the tools you need at a low monthly cost.
Included in our affordable monthly fee is the service provided by our certified technicians so that you don’t have to manage your tower site. Some of the services we provide for tower leasing in Oklahoma include:

  • Regular system maintenance and inspections
  • Managing emergency problems
  • Eliminating downtime with quick repair services
  • Licensing, insurance, and paperwork

By trusting Muskogee Communications to manage your tower sites, you’ll save time and money. Instead of waiting for a problem to occur, or having delays because of third-party investigation teams, our technicians are certified to repair the situation quickly and easily.

Oklahoma Tower Leasing Maintenance and Repairs

Tower and antenna maintenance is probably the most overlooked factor in assessing the performance of tower sites, and whether they will last long-term. Most commercial carriers routinely schedule tower inspections and maintenance after they have been exposed to a damaging event, rather than routinely providing checks on their equipment.
At Muskogee Communications, we inspect and maintain our tower sites regularly. Some of our services include:

  • Tower alignment and foundation
  • Visual examination of tower members and connections
  • Transmission line and grounding inspections
  • Obstructions and weathering effects
  • Antennas and antenna mountings
  • Painting, galvanizing and anti-corrosion treatment

Muskogee Communications is one of the only Motorola Certified Service Centers in the Oklahoma area. Each of our technicians has undergone rigorous training to meet strict industry standards, so we’re able to provide dependable maintenance and repairs for all wireless communications equipment.

FCC Licensing

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) regulates the operating frequencies of your system. Although you don’t need licensing to purchase radio towers and equipment, the FCC requires mandatory licensing for transmission.
For tower leasing and management, FCC licensing is time-consuming and can become costly to manage. Some of the information the FCC needs includes:

  • Your Business name
  • Your Business address
  • Federal Tax ID, if you have one
  • The number of radios in your fleet
  • The latitude and longitude that your radio operation
  • Base stations, repeaters, and tower heights

At Muskogee Communications, we handle FCC Licensing for you, so you don’t have to worry about managing the details. Our team assists with licensing your communications equipment, handling renewals, and submitting all paperwork necessary to make sure your license is always up to date.

The Muskogee Communications Advantage

For tower leasing in Oklahoma, Muskogee Communications has several towers located throughout the state, offering our customers reliable service without the hassle of managing or maintaining equipment. Whether you’re a business looking to meet your network demands or a wireless carrier looking to increase capacity, Muskogee Communications offers simple and affordable Oklahoma tower leasing solutions that save you valuable time and money.

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Muskogee is one of the only Motorola Certified Service Centres in Oklahoma – Each technician has undergone rigorous training to meet strict industry standards for maintaining and repairing wireless communications equipment. Contact us to find out more about our Tower Leasing & Management services.

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